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Not all Athletes wear shoes


The word "Masters" sounds intimidating

 The word Masters was first applied to adults who participated in track and field and was later adopted in organized adult swimming. In swimming, Masters simply means 18 and older.   Whether you want to get or stay fit, swim faster, rehabilitate an injury, train for triathlons, or even learn to swim for the first time, we can help.  Joining your local Masters Swimming club will give you access to  structured practices that provide better workouts than just swimming  laps on your own. Being a part of USMS can make whatever you’re trying  to accomplish easier. Many Triathletes train with USMS clubs because it’s the best way to improve at the most difficult and technical aspects of their sport. 


It doesn't matter how good or fast you are!

 You current ability in the water does not matter, there are others of similar ability, or those who started where you are and have improved. Don't let your perceived ability or lack thereof, hold you back. Although it’s important to have a  physical examination before starting any exercise routine, you don’t  need to be in shape to start Masters swimming—Masters swimming will help you get there.


Do I have to join USMS to swim in a Masters practice?

 USMS provides insurance coverage for all individual USMS members and liability insurance for clubs and  workout groups. For the insurance to be in effect, all participants  within the activity, such as an organized practice or competition, must  be registered with USMS. Thus, most USMS clubs and chapters require that  all swimmers in their programs be registered with USMS. 

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